Mandarin Chinese-“Edge of Heaven”. It is a vast country, stretching from the green, windswept prairies of Lower Mongolia just north of Beijing, across the deadly and hostile sands of the Takla Makan of Xinjiang, all the way to the arid and barren plateaus of the Tibetan Highlands. It is a land so high above sea level, that great clouds cling closely to the earth and travelers and horses often fall immobilized due to the lack of oxygen flowing to the lungs. Indeed, many claim that here, in this wild and vast territory, is where Heaven and Earth meet. It is a land of extraordinary beauty, where the great expanse of barren sand and rocks are frequently broken by great mountainous formations stretching towards the sky, or else deep and vertical canyons opening up like gaping cracks miles wide leading down to the center of the Earth. It is in this brutal and foreboding country, where the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan was born, and whose swift army of horse borne warriors thundered across thousands upon thousands of miles to make even distant Europe and Arabia shudder in terror. It is a place most in the known world regarded with mystery and awe, and as the 3rd decade of the 20th century approached, who would have known, that the fate of the entire world will rest upon this vast expanse of land where so many have tried, and failed to tame. The country where Earth meets Heaven.